Two four-year post-doctoral positions, University of Warwick – ‘Neoliberal Terror: The Radicalisation of Social Policy in Europe’

The Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick have two post-doctoral positions available, and seek your help sharing the vacancies.  Each post-doc has a fixed four-year term of employment, working on the European Research Council funded project ‘Neoliberal Terror: The Radicalisation of Social Policy in Europe’. This project investigates the political, economic and discursive mechanisms which have brought counterterrorism into European health and social care sectors. Doctors, nurses and social care professionals are now responsible for noticing, checking and sharing signs of radicalisation as part of national terrorism prevention programs. The project tests the hypothesis that neoliberalism contextualises and influences the diffusion of Countering Violent Extremism policies.

The closing date for both positions is the 31st October.

The qualitative position is centred around a large discourse analysis of European policies, speeches and instruments relating to CVE (Countering Violent Extremism), but will also involve some research interviews with practitioners. The vacancy can be found here.

The quantitative position is centred around building an index of CVE expansion across European nations, then performing a regression analysis to test the association between CVE expansion and neoliberal social/economic indicators. The vacancy can be found here.

For further information, please contact Dr Charlotte Heath-Kelly at

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