Tony Fisher and Kélina Gotman (eds.), Foucault’s Theatres – Manchester University Press, October 2019

F's Theatres.pngTony Fisher and Kélina Gotman (eds.), Foucault’s Theatres – Manchester University Press, October 2019

The volume contributes to a new articulation of theatre and performance studies via Foucault’s critical thought. With cutting edge studies by established and emerging writers in areas such as dramaturgy, film, music, cultural history and journalism, the volume aims to be accessible for both experienced researchers and advanced students encountering Foucault’s work for the first time. The introduction sets out a thorough and informative assessment of Foucault’s relevance to theatre and performance studies and to our present cultural moment – it rereads his profound engagement with questions of truth, power and politics, in light of previously unknown writings and lectures. Unique to this volume is the discovery of a ‘theatrical’ Foucault – the profound affinity of his thinking with questions of performativity. This discovery makes accessible the ‘performance turn’ to readers of Foucault, while opening up ways of reading Foucault’s oeuvre ‘theatrically’.

Introduction: theatre, performance, Foucault Tony Fisher and Kélina Gotman
1 Foucault’s philosophical theatres Mark D. Jordan
2 The dramas of knowledge: Foucault’s genealogical theatre of truth Aline Wiame
3 Foucault live! A Voice That Still Eludes the Tomb of the Text. Magnolia Pauker
4 Foucault, Oedipus, Négritude Kélina Gotman
5 Foucault’s critical dramaturgies Mark Robson
6 Heterotopia and the mapping of unreal spaces on stage Joanne Tompkins
7 Foucault and Shakespeare: the theatre of madness Stuart Elden
8 Philosophical phantasms: ‘the Platonic differential’ and ‘Zarathustra’s laughter’ Mischa Twitchin
9 Cage and Foucault: musical timekeeping and the security state Steve Potter
10 Foucault and the Iranian Revolution: reassessed Tracey Nicholls
11 Sightlines: Foucault and Naturalist theatre Dan Rebellato
12 Theatre of poverty: popular illegalism in the nineteenth century Tony Fisher
13 The philosophical scene: an interview with Moriaki Watanabe Michel Foucault (translated by Robert Bononno)
14 After words, afterwards: teaching Foucault Ann Pellegrini

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