Some Moments from the Foucault Archives – two audio recordings of talks at Warwick and TCS

Earlier this year I gave two talks on my work for The Early Foucault, discussing how I am using archives to trace this story. I recorded both talks, but was not planning on sharing them until I’d given some others on the same topic. Since those talks have either been cancelled or seem unlikely to go ahead, and as my work is developing in any case, I thought I’d share them now. Hopefully someone will find them of interest.

Four Moments from the Foucault Archives (23 minutes) – given at “Foucault at Warwick II”, University of Warwick, 17 January 2020. Discusses Foucault’s practical work in psychology, his links to Roland Kuhn and Ludwig Binswanger, a 1957 radio lecture on anthropology, and his secondary thesis on Kant

Foucault in the Archives (35 minutes) – given at a Theory, Culture and Society workshop, London, 27 February 2020. Discusses all the above themes, but also what Foucault studied in Paris and especially for the agrégation, the dating of early publications and his teaching in Uppsala


Foucault in 1957.jpgMy work on this book, as with so much else, has been disrupted by current events. I plan to share an update in the next day or two on the work I did before everything changed.

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