Georges Bataille’s Oeuvres complètes and English translations – list updated and a couple of questions

I’ve done some updating to the list of works in Georges Bataille’s Oeuvres complètes and other French collections and the English translations.

This includes some links to books, a bit of detail on texts in The College of Sociology not in the Oeuvres, and the inclusion of Bataille’s co-translation of Léon Chestov, L’Idée de bien chez Tolstoi et Nietzsche: Philosophie et prédication.

This work is still in progress – I have draft notes on the articles in Volume I, and on the whole of Vols II, XI and XII. I’ll add these soon, hopefully.

There are two texts in English where I’ve not yet been able to identify the French source.

  • “Sacrifice”, October 36, 61-74 – there are texts with this title in Vols I and II, but not this text (from 1939-40)
  • “Notes on the Publication of ‘Un Cadavre’”, The Absence of Myth, 30-33 (c. 1929 or 1930?)

Any help on these, or additions and corrections on the main listing, would be much appreciated.



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