Christopher Watkin, “So you want to read Michel Serres? Start here”

9781474405744A very useful reading guide from Christopher Watkin, author of the recently published Michel Serres: Figures of Thought from Edinburgh University Press.

I recently received an email from someone wanting to get into Michel Serres’s writing in English translation, and asking where to start. Here are some thoughts, to which I hope to add over time. The suggestions of primary and secondary material below are not meant tobe exhaustive, but to provide a jumping off point for people coming to Serres’s work for the first time, or wanting to dive deeper into his thought. If you think I’ve missed anything important, drop me an email or post a comment below.

Summary. Where should I start?

If you want five key publications that will give you as near as possible the full “Serres package” in English translation, here’s what I would read: 1) Hermes: Literature, Science, Philosophy, 2) The Birth of Physics, 3) The Parasite, 4) The Five Senses, 5) The Natural Contract.

More here.

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