Michael Wood and Adam Shatz, The Theory Truce, LRB conversations (podcast)

Michael Wood and Adam Shatz, The Theory Truce, LRB conversations (podcast)

Michael Wood talks to Adam Shatz about critical theory, its origins, developments and various diversions, and where it stands today.

The conversation marks the publication of the eighth volume in the LRB Collections series, The Meaninglessness of Meaning: Writing about the theory wars from the ‘London Review of Books’ by contributors including Pierre Bourdieau, Judith Butler, Richard Rorty, Lorna Sage, John Sturrock and Michael Wood.

Click here to buy the book from the LRB Store.

Thanks to dmf for the link. To illustrate, the LRB uses this photo, found in Marie Gil’s biography of Barthes and at Getty Images:


I previously shared this photo, and with a bit of help, identified the figures as left to right – Elliot Carter, Pierre Boulez, Roland Barthes, Jean-Claude Risset, Gerald Bennett, Michel Decoust, Michel Foucault, and Gilles Deleuze.

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1 Response to Michael Wood and Adam Shatz, The Theory Truce, LRB conversations (podcast)

  1. dmf says:

    a welcome nostalgia trip, didn’t really get to one of the core issues which is if one takes post-structuralism seriously (very few of us ever fully adopted that position) then is the work of research reduced to case-studies that can’t be generalized and if so why should anyone not directly involved in one or the other care let alone fund such work?

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