Geographers, sociologists, philosophers etc. on covid-19 – list updated

Geographers, sociologists, philosophers etc. on covid-19

This list continues to be updated, though less frequently than before. Recently added pieces include:-

Tim Christiaens and Stijn De Cauwer, The Biopolitics of Immunity in Times of COVID-19: An Interview with Roberto Esposito (Antipode)

Félix Tréguer, Gestion techno-policière d’une crise sanitaire (Sciences Po); translated as The State and Digital Surveillance in Times of the Covid-19 Pandemic (web version at Sciences Po; pdf at HAL Archives)

William Connolly, New Viral Crossings and Old Academic Divisions (The Contemporary Condition)

Kavita Datta and Vincent Guermond, Remittances in Times of Crisis: Reflections on Labour, Social Reproduction, and Digitisation during Covid-19 (Antipode)

Roger Keil, Maria Kaika, Tait Mandler and Yannis Tzaninis, Global urbanization created the conditions for the current coronavirus pandemic (The Conversation)

Andy Merrifield, Over the Rainbow — Pynchon and the Pandemic (blog)

Klaus Dodds , Vanesa Castan Broto , Klaus Detterbeck , Martin Jones , Virginie Mamadouh , Maano Ramutsindela , Monica Varsanyi , David Wachsmuth & Chih Yuan Woon, The COVID-19 pandemic: territorial, political and governance dimensions of the crisis (Territory, Politics, Governance)

Journal of Australian Political Economy No 85, Winter 2020 (via PPE)

James Tyner, Freedom, fatal convictions, and the face mask (University of Minnesota Press blog)

Alberto Toscano, Beyond the Plague State (Historical Materialism)

Jean-Luc Nancy and Jean-François Bouthors, ‘Only democracy can allow us to accept the lack of control over our history’ (Verso blog)

Simon Cook and Sam Hayes, Covid-19 and the changing geographies of exercise (Geography Directions)

Matthew Shaw, The untold story of university libraries in lockdown (WONKHE)

The full list is here.

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