Books received – Cavaillès, Eliade, Foucault, Hoffman, Derrida (with a note on the new Foucault editions)

The new translation of Jean Cavaillès, On Logic and the Theory of Science, some second-hand books by Eliade, a collective volume on Vincennes, the reedition of Foucault’s first two Collège de France courses, a special issue of the Carceral Notebooks on ‘Foucault and the Politics of Resistance in Brazil’, and Derrida’s Donner le temps II.

Carceral Notebooks 13: Foucault and the Politics of Resistance in Brazil was kindly sent to me by Marcelo Hoffman, who edited the volume. The essays are available open access here, though it’s nice to have a physical copy.

The Foucault lecture courses are the new editions. There is an interesting editorial note about this new edition, which notes that there is a difference in how the first courses published differ from the later ones. The initial courses (‘Society Must Be Defended’ and Abnormal, for instance) made limited use of the manuscripts, but largely transcribed the recordings. The courses published later made much more extensive use of written material. The series plans to re-edit courses with more attention to manuscripts, so the earliest published courses will have the most work. These two volumes, which were the first two courses delivered, were both later in the publication cycle, and also only used manuscripts as no recordings existed (or, at least, were known about). So there is probably relatively little that has changed here. But the potential changes will be greater in the courses to follow, since the recordings and manuscripts differ quite extensively – Foucault extemporised, cut material, etc. So there could be some interesting material to come.

Two other notes on this. Unfortunately the pagination between the original and these pocket editions differs. That’s going to make references start to differ as these editions supersede the initial ones. And I have no idea if Palgrave (or Penguin or Verso for the two earliest published) will do revised editions of the translations to take these revisions into account.

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