Books received – Farge, Todorov, Badir, Ornicar? Benjamin, Olssen, Jones, Rennie, Forest, Ortigues

Some older books bought second-hand, along with the recent books Arlette Farge, Instants de Vie, Sémir Badir. Magritte et les philosophes, Foucault – Duby – Dumézil – Changeux – Thom, Cinq grands entretiens au Champ Freudien, the new critical edition of Walter Benjamin’s Toward the Critique of Violence, Mark Olssen, Constructing Foucault’s Ethics, Bryan S. Rennie, Reconstructing Eliade, and proof of Reece Jones’s forthcoming White Borders: The History of Race and immigration in the United States from Chinese Exclusion to the Border Wall.

Mark Olssen and Reece Jones’s books were sent by the publishers, and the Rennie book was recompense for review work.

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