Stuart Hall’s Bibliography (1957-2015) by Catherine Hall, Bill Schwarz and Nick Beech

Stuart Hall’s Bibliography (1957-2015) by Catherine Hall, Bill Schwarz and Nick Beech

The project for a bibliography that would capture the breadth and depth of Stuart Hall’s work was initiated by Catherine Hall and Bill Schwarz in the wake of Stuart’s death in 2014. I was honoured to be invited by them to prepare the bibliography—initially with a view to including this with the volumes of Hall’s work, published by Duke University Press under their general editorship. I began work on the bibliography in April 2014 and it was largely completed by November of that year. By then it was clear that the scale of the bibliography, and its utility for anyone working with Hall’s ideas, mitigated against publication in its full form. In discussion, Catherine, Bill and I agreed that publication in the most open and accessible form possible was desirable. Larry Grossberg suggested that the bibliography should be released online, through the Stuart Hall Foundation. We hope that this can become a fully serviceable, online resource for all those who are interested in Hall’s prolific output.

The following bibliography substantially adds to any previously published. I have included all the publicly available material that I could find, using the British Library, London; the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies Archive, Cadbury Research Library, University of Birmingham; UNESCO Digital Archive, Paris; BBC Genome, online; the Raphael Samuel Archive, Bishopsgate Institute, London; and Stuart Hall’s private papers. As a result, the full scope of Hall’s writings can be seen for the rst time—including poetry, short fiction, interviews, journalism, literary criticism and much else—spanning 60 years of continuous production.

As well as expected political, cultural, and academic writing, I have tried to capture Hall’s teaching material, radio and television broadcasts, major public lectures and seminars, and contributions to public enquiries.

full details here; bibliography here

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