Challenging reference problems with Dumézil’s Mitra-Varuna – any help gratefully received [updated]

Since I posted this last week I have made some progress – an update is at the end of the original post. Many thanks to those who contacted me about this – a few useful leads.

Update: There is an English translation of the Gopatha Brahmana in an unpublished 1969 Indian dissertation, so I’ve been able to check that reference. And the passage from the Kathaka Brahmana is transliterated and translated in Muir, Original Sanskrit Texts, so that helps resolve that issue.

Progressive Geographies

I am looking for help with some of the more challenging references in my editorial work with Georges Dumézil’s Mitra-Varuna. I have checked hundreds of references, correcting some and completing many, but these are the ones I am still stuck with. Any help would be much appreciated.

Texts I cannot locate except in Sanskrit

Are there English, French, German (or any Western European) translations of

Maitrayani Samhita (IV, 8, 1 and V, 2, 5)

Taiitriya Brahmana (I, 7, 10, 1 and I, 1, 4, 7)

Kathaka Brahmana (II, 30, 1)

Gopatha Brahmana (II, 1, 2)

There are six references in total between these four texts. I am fairly sure there are no complete translations, though there are critical editions of the Sanskrit (often with German titles and apparatus). For example, Dumézil used Leopold von Schroeder (ed.),Maitrāyaṇī saṃhitā, Leipzig: F.A. Brockhaus, four volumes 1881-86…

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