Irus Braverman (ed.), Laws of the Sea: Interdisciplinary Currents – Routledge, July 2022

Progressive Geographies

Irus Braverman (ed.), Laws of the Sea:Interdisciplinary Currents – Routledge, July 2022

Update: the e-book can be accessed open access here.

Currently listed just as hardback, but a paperback and open access e-book will also be available. One of the chapters comes from the ICE-LAW project run by Phil Steinberg at Durham University.

Assembling scholars across multiple orientations – from legal studies, geography, anthropology, cultural and political theory, the environmental humanities, and ocean studies –this book connects law to the broader humanities in order to critically engage contemporary concerns with the fate of the ocean.

Although the United Nations’ monumental ‘Convention on the Law of the Sea’ imagines an all-encompassing constitutional framework for governing the ocean, this collection,Laws of the Sea,approaches law in plural ways, applying the insights that have emerged within various disciplines to consider the possibilities of a critical ocean approach in legal studies…

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