Special Issue: Foucault’s Method Today. Continental Thought and Theory (2022)

Open access special issue of Continental Thought and Theory on ‘Foucault’s Method Today’

Foucault News

CT&T: Continental Thought and Theory: A Journal of Intellectual Freedom
Volume 3, Issue 4, 2022 Foucault’s Method Today

“Foucault’s Method: Introduction to Issue”, Cindy Zeiher and Mike Grimshaw
“Notes on the Concept of Hyper-subjectivity—Foucault, Lacan, Illouz”, Rey Chow and Austin Sarfan
“Foucault v Freud: Unthought, Unconscious, and Kant’s ‘Rhapsody of Perceptions’”, Henry Krips
“Contemporary Implications of Michel Foucault”, Jean Allouch
“Post-Truth and the Controversy over Postmodernism. Or, was Trump Reading Foucault?”, Saul Newman
“Reassessing the Productive Hypothesis: How Foucault Taught us to Think About Sex and Self”, Christopher Breu
“Foucault after Baudrillard”, Rex Butler
“Flayed Bodies and the Re-turn of the Flesh: Foucault and Contemporary Gendered Bodies”, Talyor Adams and Rosemary Overell
“Lacan avec Foucault: Reflections on Monstrosity”, Leilane Andreoni, Manuella Mucury, Jorge e Adeodato, Rodrigo Gonsalves (former members of ‘Monstrosity’)
“The Glory of Nicocles: Foucault’s Greeks and the Inegalitarian Underside of the Professional-Managerial Class”, Matthew Sharpe
“Caesar’s Tear; or…

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1 Response to Special Issue: Foucault’s Method Today. Continental Thought and Theory (2022)

  1. dmf says:

    And lurking here is the most important point often lost in twentieth century debates over markets vs states is that much of neoliberalism, that, as Foucault correctly recognizes, is about — and Becker and Stigler are explicit about this — a process of rationalization of the administrative state on liberal principles not its abolition. And so while Foucault repeatedly ties the ORDO liberal approach to Max Weber’s shadow, he could have also done so with Chicago (even if Stigler got his Weber through Knight and Talcott Parsons).

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