Books received – Dumézil, Bejan, Leucate, Basso, Koerner, Malpas

A copy of Georges Dumézil, Heur et Malheur du guerrier; Cristina Bejan, Intellectuals and Fascism in Interwar Romania: The Criterion Association; Aristide Leucate’s recent short study of Dumézil; Elisabetta Basso, Young Foucault: The Lille Manuscripts on Psychopathology, Phenomenology, and Anthropology, 1952–1955; E.F.K. Koerner, Ferdinand de Saussure: Origin and Development of his Linguistic Thought in the Western Studies of Language (which strangely has the series on the spine); and Jeff Malpas, In the Brightness of Place: Topological Thinking In and After Heidegger.

I’ve read Koerner and Bejan’s excellent books, but asked for these in recompense for review work since I will be turning to them a lot for work on Saussure and Eliade. I’ve agreed to write a review of Young Foucault, and I wrote an endorsement for In the Brightness of Place. Dumézil’s book goes through different editions, each substantially different – this is the 1985 edition, later reprinted in the Champs Flammarion series. For a comparison of the editions, see here.

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