Archive: Sennett and Foucault on Sexuality and Solitude (audio recording and other links)

Audio recording of Michel Foucault and Richard Sennett discussing Sexuality and Solitude. The date there is given as 1979, but I think this was actually in November 1980.
The edited transcript was published in 1981 in the London Review of Books It is translated into French in Dits et écrits and reprinted in Essential Works volume I, though without Sennett’s remarks.
I’ve added this to my list of audio and video recordings of Foucault (that list is hard to keep uptodate as things are removed or links change).

Foucault News

Richard Sennett and Michel Foucault, Sennett and Foucault on Sexuality and Solitude (1979)
New Books Network, 2 Feb 2023.

[See site for recording]

In 1979, sociologist and NYIH founder Richard Sennett, and philosopher Michel Foucault, discussed the connections between the history of sexuality and self consciousness. In this episode from the Vault, the two discuss their research and, by extension, the underpinnings of the idea of solitude.

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2 Responses to Archive: Sennett and Foucault on Sexuality and Solitude (audio recording and other links)

  1. Robbie says:

    It’s a shame that this transcript is so heavily edited. Foucault makes several remarks about Nietzsche and Max Weber that don’t figure at all in this transcript that I think are worth exploring further.

    • stuartelden says:

      Yes, I think the 1981 transcript was authorised – edited and reworked – and the recording is indeed more substantial. I understand all surviving materials from the 1980 lectures are being edited for publication (along with the 1975 Brazil lectures on sexuality). Hopefully that will put everything back in context.

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