Paul Allen Miller, “Foucault’s Formative Years” – review of The Early Foucault (Polity, 2021) in Symploke

Paul Allen Miller, “Foucault’s Formative Years” – a very generous review of my 2021 Polity book The Early Foucault in Symploke. The review requires subscription, unfortunately, but I’m happy to share if you email me.

Stuart Elden has become the definitive chronicler of Foucault’s intellectual evolution. The Early Foucault is the third in what will ultimately be a four-volume history. The series began with Foucault’s Last Decade (2016). While the first volume was originally intended as a stand-alone work, it immediately became clear to the publisher and the reviewers alike that this approach should be extended to the whole of Foucault’s intellectual life. Elden has created what is in effect a kind of Bible for Foucault scholars, a series of works that any serious student of Foucault simply must consult…

The issue also contains a review symposium of Allen’s own book Foucault’s Seminars on Antiquity.

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