Books received – Koyré, Foucault, Eliade & Pettazzoni, Axelos, Evans

Alexandre Koyré’s Introduction à la lecture de Platon; the Eliade-Pettazzoni correspondence and Richard Evans’s biography of Eric Hobsbawm, all bought second-hand, along with Kostas Axelos, The Game of the World and Michel Foucault, Le discours philosophique, kindly sent by the publishers.

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2 Responses to Books received – Koyré, Foucault, Eliade & Pettazzoni, Axelos, Evans

  1. Penny Klein says:

    This email address more useful to contact me on, on second thoughts

  2. Penny Klein says:

    Dear Stuart. I am currently, slowly, clearing out my late fathers books. Many I will keep, but I do not speak french, and I would like to make sure they go to a good home. I stumbled on your blog while I was looking up details on his collection of ‘recherches’ journals. You may be interested in some of the books in the collection, I don’t know. I have many beautiful french editions ranging from philosophy to psychoanalysis and politics, from Delueze, to Foucault, Rene Char, Pascal Quignard, Lyotard, Lacan, Lefebvre, so many more. I have started listing some on ebay, I can send you the link so you can see that they are real, aha. But otherwise perhaps send me an email if you would like to know more, and perhaps you would like to ask some questions and if there was something that you were looking for perhaps I can help. Or perhaps you know somebody whose research might overlap with these texts. Anyway, let me know. Best wishes, P Klein

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