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The Lance Armstrong Network

Another remarkable map – the connections between Lance Armstrong, business and the cycling world. It’s a huge image but clicking on the compressed version below will take you to the original location.

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Planned Cities seen from space

Wired has some striking images (via Antoine Bousquet). The one I’ve included above is Canberra, and you can get a sense of this view when flying in – it’s a small enough city that you can see a lot in … Continue reading

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Books received

A pile of books from Stanford UP in recompense for review work, mainly Agamben ones I didn’t have before, a couple of novels, the new issue of Society and Space, and two books by Durham authors (that I need to … Continue reading

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Haruki Murakami on writing and running

Thanks to Oliver Belcher for the link – a piece about novelist Haruki Murakami’s views on writing and running. What does a novelist/writer need? For Murakami, it’s three things – talent, focus and endurance. Fortunately, these two disciplines—focus and endurance—are different … Continue reading

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Walney to Wear – coast-to-coast cycle route

Susan and I spent the last few days cycling one of the coast-to-coast routes – from Walney Island in the Irish Sea to the point in Sunderland where the Wear reaches the North Sea (details here). We did some preparation … Continue reading

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‘To love cycling, inevitably means to love geography’

Tour de France begins in a few days… nice opening quote from the Tour director. Thanks to Franklin Ginn for the link.

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Marking finished

Finally finished marking. Over the past month or so it’s been a lot of essays; 10 dissertations on topics from Portuguese music to Terry Pratchett novels to the war on terror; and 180 exam papers. These have been interspersed with quite … Continue reading

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Biking in the City

Only just got round to reading David Byrne’s Bicycle Diaries, which isn’t quite what I expected. There is stuff on cycling, but of a very particular kind, which is resolutely urban, definitely not about speed or exercise, but as a … Continue reading

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Novels read in 2011 part 2

Given the number of these that are not really novels, this list should probably be retitled ‘books I read that are not for work reasons…’ Not as many as the first half of the year, but that’s probably a product … Continue reading

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End of 2011, and a look to 2012

I meant to post this before I went offline for a couple of weeks for Christmas and a holiday in the Gambia, but didn’t do so. Anyway, it is a brief review of my 2011 and a look to 2012… … Continue reading

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