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New books

A whole big pile of books arrived over the last few months while I’ve been away. Some of them are ones I have chapters in; one I endorsed; most are ones I asked for in recompense for review work; some … Continue reading

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Crampton, Elden, Chomsky

Jeremy Crampton uses the opportunity of linking to my interview to recount an embarassing story about us here.

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Cahiers pour l’analyse

Thanks to Nick at Speculative Heresy for the reminder to check out the Cahiers d’analyse project website. Loads of interesting material there, including the debate between the Cercle d’épistémologie and Foucault in 1968, in which Foucault discusses some of themes … Continue reading

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The Geospatial Revolution

If you are interested in the interrelation of universities, the military and developments in geospatial technology… First, watch the glossy video produced by Penn State then go to Open Geography and read Jeremy Crampton’s critique.

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Adam’s Ancestors

Jeremy Crampton comments on David Livingstone’s book Adam’s Ancestors, here; a book I mentioned in my ‘reading list’ post yesterday. Jeremy provides a brief outline of what the book is about, and notes the part he paid in Livingstone’s argument. He suggests … Continue reading

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Crampton, Cartography, Calculation, Territory

Jeremy Crampton responds to the Latourian argument about maps here; and notes in his previous post that his paper “Cartographic calculations of territory” is now published in Progress in Human Geography.

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Roundup – PhDs, Connolly, Banning Books, Congratulations

Over at Ecology without Nature, Timothy Morton has begun a new series of advice posts, this time on ‘How to Plan a PhD’. Will be interesting to see this one develop. Adrian Ivakhiv reports his first thoughts on William Connolly’s … Continue reading

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Roundup – WW2 maps, Right-Badiouians, and the End of the World

At his Open Geography blog, Jeremy Crampton mentions an interesting GSU magazine story on his research on the history and politics of maps here  Graham Harman engages with some criticisms of object-orientated philosophy here, and ends with an interesting suggestion about the relation … Continue reading

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Roundup – Cuts, Leaks and Harvey on Method

K-Punk – Mark Fisher, author of the excellent Capitalist Realism -has an impassioned piece about the UK cuts here. Over at Open Geography, Jeremy Crampton discusses the new Wikileaks documents. And David Harvey’s lecture on Marx’s method is available here.

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Geography Roundup

Jeremy Crampton, author of the very good Mapping: A Critical Introduction to Cartography and GIS, offers some thoughts on the new generation of GIS software here. Interesting observation on the relation between cartographic projects and the rise of the modern … Continue reading

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