2012 – talks on ‘Volume’

Somewhat into the future, two dates for talks in 2012 are already in the diary…

30 March 2012 – “Secure the Volume”, Public Lecture on Security theme, Committee for Social Thought, University of Kentucky

3 May 2012 – “The Politics of Volume”, School of Geography, University of Nottingham

both seem a long way off… but the idea is to use them to try out some ideas for the ‘Volume’ chapter of The Space of the World project. The concept in that chapter is to examine how thinking about volume – height and depth instead of surfaces, three dimensions instead of areas – changes how we think about the politics of space. The plan is to look at work on verticality (people like Stephen Graham and Eyal Weizman, and some of Sloterdijk’s work), and what Jeremy Crampton has called the ‘volumetric’, but also the subsoil, including tunnels.

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