Summer work

Lots to do this summer (though it doesn’t exactly feel like summer in York)…

Finish ‘Society and Space’ volume introduction and draft introduction to ‘Foundations’ volume for the Sage Environment and Planning collection.

Submit the paper on King Lear that I wrote last year – relatively little of this made it into the final version of The Birth of Territory, so I think I should do something with it.

Tidy up the ‘Fossils’ draft paper, and either park it as a book chapter for The Space of the World or rework a version into something I can submit to a journal.

Copyediting and proofs for Sloterdijk Now, and I guess for the Sage volumes.

Write my keynote lecture for the Radical Foucault conference, which will be on the 1970-71 course Leçons sur la volonté de savoir. (See my initial thoughts here.) This should be something to send to a journal too.

Decide on the topic of my lectures in Berkeley and Tucson in mid September. And write them. They may well be on Foucault, given the proximity of the conference to these talks, and the likely deadline for an edited book on Foucault I’ve agreed to contribute a piece too.

And that’s before I deal with whatever I’m asked to do with The Birth of Territory

Plus teaching preparation for October, including a somewhat ridiculous requirement to have the full reading list ready by mid-July.

I am off to Nigeria for a couple of weeks – passport with visa arrived back today – and probably also Amsterdam. I also intend to watch some cricket, read lots of books, and get out on the bike.

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2 Responses to Summer work

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  2. Kenny says:

    Not a small list. I have been in the library every day of my summer break and my girlfriend questions my sanity. I am glad to see vibrance in those paving the trails.

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