What I’ve done so far this summer…

I posted my list of things to do this summer some weeks ago. I don’t feel I’ve been at my most productive by a long way, due to a whole range of things, but…

The two introductions to the Sage Environment and Planning collection are done, as are the proofs. So that collection is now out of my hands. Nice new covers sent just recently – much better than the placeholders on the Sage website. Gold, black and white.

The Sloterdijk Now volume is basically done I’ve just finished work on the proofs, and the index is being done by the publisher.

One of the two papers I needed to tidy up and submit is under review. The other is probably a few days off.

I have a draft of my lecture for the Radical Foucault conference, on the 1970-71 course Leçons sur la volonté de savoir. As previously mentioned there is a review of that book on the Berfrois website. As a earlier post outlined, I’ve returned to a plan of a book on Foucault’s History of Sexuality, and now anticipate this lecture forming part of the first chapter, rather than being a standalone piece.

Revised my chapter “Why is the world divided territorially?” for the second edition of Jenny Edkins and Maja Zehfuss (eds.) Global Politics: A New Introduction.

I’ve worked a bit on my Berkeley and Tucson lectures for September – ‘How should we do the history of territory?’ A little more about this here.

I’ve also put together my reading lists for next year’s teaching, with only a few bits to be updated later in the summer; been busy with the continuous work of editing Society and Space; some review work for publishers and journals; a big tenure file; and a couple of other things that I didn’t anticipate – more on them when I can say more. I’ve kept good on my promise to read a lot; watched quite a bit of cricket and avidly followed the Tour de France; as well as dodging the rain as best I can while out on my own bike… So I suppose it has been a fairly productive summer so far. Now off to Amsterdam for a week’s holiday.

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