Berkeley and Arizona lectures on territory

The flight for my Berkeley and University of Arizona lectures in September is now booked. The lectures will be under the title ‘How should we do the history of territory?’ – which some may spot is a tribute to the piece Ian Hacking wrote for The Foucault Effect. It will be something of a reflection on the process and method behind The Birth of Territory, with a focus on Foucault, and will hopefully appear in the planned book from The Foucault Effect 1991-2011 conference. I’ve done some new reading and thinking specifically for this piece, but much of it is based on many years’ work, and it should hopefully come together fairly quickly given the theme.

I’ve got a little time in each place aside from the talks themselves – a few days before the Berkeley one, and a couple after the Tucson one. I’ve not been to Berkeley before – the closest is San Francisco a couple of times – but I’ve spent some time in Tucson. It will be great to back – Arizona was the first state of the US I visited, on a trip to Phoenix which took in Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Sedona, and then a couple of later trips to Tucson. I haven’t been back for a decade, so looking forward to this. In particular I’ve been promised a tour of the US-Mexico border – which I am sure will have changed beyond recognition.

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