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Books received – for the Foucault project

Some books for the Foucault project – new editions of a couple of Foucault’s books; Jacques Donzelot’s L’invention du social; recent books by Jacques Bizet and Pierre Macherey; and the original outlets of a couple of Foucault essays and interviews.

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Georges Canguilhem – Writings on Medicine

Listed with Fordham University Press, who published his Knowledge of Life a few years back. (Thanks to Chathan for the link.) I mentioned the French publication of volume 1 of his Œuvres complètes in an earlier post (here).

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Anachronic Shakespeare

The Anachronic Shakespeare conference was excellent – a really interesting set of papers, engagingly delivered and with some really good discussion. John Archer gave a talk on sonnets 50 and 51 on the relation between human and animal, which he … Continue reading

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Canguilhem, Complete Works

Volume 1 of Georges Canguilhem’s Œuvres complètes was published late last year. Given it is over 1,000 pages, the price of €38 is not too steep. There are projected to be six volumes. This has been promised for some time. … Continue reading

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Warwick workshop on “the normal and the pathological”

Interesting looking workshop in September (via John Protevi at New APPS) A workshop on “the normal and the pathological,” offered by the Contemporary Issues in Bioethics and Biopolitics research project University of Warwick, 27-28 September 2011 Confirmed speakers: Jean-Claude Dumoncel, Robert Bernasconi, Bill … Continue reading

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