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Object-Orientated Literary Criticism

In the latest issue of New Literary History, Graham Harman, Timothy Morton and Jane Bennett discuss object-orientated literary criticism. Harman’s piece begins with an overview of his approach, which is a useful starter for those unfamiliar, but moves into criticism … Continue reading

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Speculative Realism book series – new titles

Graham Harman’s blog notes that three new titles have been contracted for the  Speculative Realism series he edits for Edinburgh University Press. Levi R. Bryant, Onto-Cartographies: An Ontology of Space and Time Jon Cogburn, After Quietism: Analytic Philosophies of Immanence … Continue reading

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Graham Harman on Tristan Garcia

Graham Harman has written an interesting and detailed review essay on Tristan Garcia, concentrating on Forme et objet, at Berfrois. Forme et objet has been sitting in my basket for a while – this piece convinced me I should … Continue reading

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Self-publishing articles

Graham Harman has an interesting series of posts on self-publishing articles (or open-access publishing). Initial thoughts here; a second-thought here; and a response and his thoughts on that. Part of this is, as he acknowledges, the security that being a … Continue reading

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Now only 1056 pages – Žižek’s Hegel book

Graham Harman on the latest details of Žižek’s Hegel book. You can find the table of contents of Less Than Nothing: Hegel and the Shadow of Dialectical Materialism here. The Verso page is here.

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Singularum – first issue on Alphonso Lingis

New online journal – first issue is on Alphonso Lingis, including papers by Graham Harman, Timothy Morton and John Protevi. And there is an interview with man himself, taking photography and geography as the ways into his work, here.

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The Ontological Turn in Contemporary Philosophy

Third Annual International Summer School in German Philosophy: “The Ontological Turn in Contemporary Philosophy” (July 2-13, 2012) at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. Speakers include Ray Brassier, Iain Hamilton Grant, Martin Hägglund, Graham Harman and Slavoj Zizek. What is the world? What do we mean … Continue reading

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Harman’s brief thoughts on Sloterdijk

Graham Harman offers some brief thoughts on the Anglophone reception of Sloterdijk here. He mentions one of the recent collections on his work to appear in English, In Media Res – which is also available open access. I think Graham is … Continue reading

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Levi Bryant – The Democracy of Objects open access pdf

The html version has been available for a while, and the print book more recently, but now the pdf can be downloaded here. This is in the New Metaphysics series, edited by Bruno Latour and Graham Harman, and published by … Continue reading

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Graham Harman on Open Access Publishing and Sales

Some interesting comments here.

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