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Elster on Leibniz and capitalism

I first read Jon Elster as an undergraduate – Barbara Goodwin recommended his books Sour Grapes and Ulysses and the Sirens in her political theory class. Elster is also known as an analytical Marxist in works like Making Sense of … Continue reading

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Gibbon on Leibniz

Edward Gibbon praises Leibniz as “a bold and original spirit” in his “Antiquities of the House of Brunswick”, in Miscellaneous Works, Vol III, 1796, p. 402. This is mentioned by Lewis W. Spitz in his helpful essay “The Significance of Leibniz … Continue reading

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Leibniz on the Death Penalty

Just come across this when looking for something else. While the justification of torture is jarring, the rest is unfortunately all-too-relevant. The question is whether there are grounds for capital punishment if two witnesses are brought forward against a defendant, … Continue reading

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