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Foucault and Neoliberalism – the debate continues (on Progressive Geographies)

There are some interesting comments on last week’s thoughts on the Foucault and Neoliberalism debate – here. In particular the points made by Stephen Shapiro and Michael Behrent are worth reading – both are situating the discussion within a wider … Continue reading

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Top posts on Progressive Geographies this week

The Foucault and neoliberalism debate dominated this week – with my response the most popular post on this site in some time. Foucault and Neoliberalism – a few thoughts in response to the Zamora piece in Jacobin Stuart Elden on … Continue reading

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Postmodern Velázquez (2014)

Originally posted on Foucault News:
Postmodern Velázquez, New York Times, Dec 11 2014 In Michel Foucault’s  essay on Velázquez’s  baroque masterpiece “Las Meninas,”  he comments on Velázquez’s decision to insert his self-portrait into the painting’s narrative, planting a seed that…

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The domestic uncanny and the geographical unconscious: two new reviews

Originally posted on Society and space:
Over the past few years the spatial, social and cultural dimensions of the uncanny and of the unconscious have attracted increasing interdisciplinary interest. Two new books on these themes are reviewed on the Open…

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Foucault audio and video recordings – minor updates to chronological list

I’ve now updated the list of Foucault audio and video recordings, including a recording of the first few lectures of L’hermeneutique du sujet from 1982. This recording then jumps to lectures from 1984. This list is part of the ‘Foucault Resources‘ part … Continue reading

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88 Critical Theory Books That Came Out in 2014 rounds up ‘88 Critical Theory Books That Came Out in 2014‘ Some of these will also be on my end of year list, which I hope to post soon. But plenty more ideas here for things I’ve not yet … Continue reading

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New papers and reviews for December

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Thus far in December we’ve published three new papers, three reviews, and an Antipode lecture. Papers The Elusive Inclusive: Black Food Geographies and Racialized Food Spaces by Margaret Marietta Ramírez Abstract: North American food scholars,…

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