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A minor note on Michel Foucault and Peter Brown: From a watershed to the parting of the waters

In the closing lines of ‘Le combat de la chasteté’, first published in May 1982, Foucault mentions Peter Brown’s description of “la cartographie du partage des eaux” between pagan antiquity and Christianity (Dits et écrits, Vol IV, p. 308). We … Continue reading

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Conference: Contested Spaces of Citizenship

Originally posted on Path to the Possible:
Postgraduate Conference CONTESTED SPACES OF CITIZENSHIP Durham University, Department of Geography Wednesday 29 April 2015 Room W007 Keynote speaker: Professor Engin F. Isin Space is at the core of political struggles and contestations.…

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Preprints of a couple of forthcoming publications now available

I’ve added the preprints of a couple of forthcoming publications, on Foucault and territory respectively, to the page on this site.

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Mark Kelly, Foucault and Politics: A Critical Introduction

Mark G. E. Kelly, Foucault and Politics: A Critical Introduction This book surveys Michel Foucault’s thought in the context of his life and times, utilising the latest primary and secondary materials to explain the political implications of each phase of … Continue reading

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Marijn Nieuwenhuis – New Conceptualisations Of Space In The Work Of Peter Sloterdijk And Graham Harman (open access)

My Warwick colleague Marijn Nieuwenhuis has just published an article entitled ‘ Taking Up The Challenge Of Space: New Conceptualisations Of Space In The Work Of Peter Sloterdijk And Graham Harman‘, in Continent – open access.

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How to Start a Blog Guide – free ebook

Free How to Start a Blog Guide - ebook from FirstSiteGuide.

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News of Erik Swyngedouw’s new book. Liquid Power: Contested hydro-modernities in 20th century Spain

Originally posted on the anthropo.scene:
An advanced description of Erik Swyngedouw’s new book from the MIT Press website. Looks like the book is due out in the new year at some point: “In this book, Erik Swyngedouw explores how…

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