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Warburg under threat

I said yesterday what a wonderful resource the Warburg institute was. Now it appears to be under threat. News report here, via Medieval News.

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Radical Philosophy Association conference

The Radical Philosophy Association conference will be held in Eugene, Oregon between November 11-14, 2010. The session that Marie-Eve Morin, Peter Gratton and I proposed on ‘Violence and World’ has now been accepted.  This panel discussion explores the relation between … Continue reading

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Revista Urban

The Spanish journal Revista Urban begins a new series this year, with a new editorial team and focus. You can find information about the journal on their website. The editors tell me that “in addition to the areas set aside … Continue reading

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New director of Warburg Institute

Peter Mack of University of Warwick has been appointed as the new director of the Warburg Institute in London. Details here. The Warburg Institute is part of the University of London School of Advanced Study, and has a wonderful library not … Continue reading

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Zizek – Living in the End Times

I’ve now read Living in the End Times. It’s a very readable book, full of ideas, odd juxtapositions and extremely wide-ranging. But it’s ultimately all a bit disappointing. While Zizek is obviously a great fan of movies, this didn’t feel … Continue reading

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New Heidegger books

Continuum are publishing a translation of Phenomenology of Intuition and Expression – details here. That’s volume 59 of the Gesamtausgabe. Klostermann have announced that the next two volumes of the Gesamtausgabe to be published will be volumes 74 and 78. … Continue reading

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Critical Animal has a discussion of Schmitt and Heidegger here, beginning from my Radical Philosophy piece on Carl Schmitt. The discussion doesn’t directly engage with my reading of Schmitt, and I appreciate very much that it has sparked some thoughts, … Continue reading

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Tour de France – some thoughts

Andy Schleck looked like he might have caught Alberto Contador today, making a break and Contador slow to follow… and then Schleck lost his chain, hesitated, stopped and struggled to get it back on. He lost about 40 seconds on … Continue reading

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Zizek in Der Spiegel

The Verso blog mentioned this interview with/feature on Zizek, from Der Spiegel. Much of it will be familiar to anyone who’s been following the recent flurry of media reporting on Zizek, but there are some interesting moments. This is a quote … Continue reading

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George Lawson, Politica Sacra et Civilis

A text from 1659. From Chapter II, section 3: The name in Hebrew is ‘am in Greek polis and that may come of polus because the matter of a community is a multitude, in Latin, civitas, populus, and here observe, … Continue reading

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