Post-Christmas Roundup

Now that I’m back, there is lots to catch up on…

New biography of Claude Lévi-Strauss – details here

The Speculative Turn is now out. Details here – either order as a print volume or download a free pdf. Edited by Levi Bryant, Nick Srnicek and Graham Harman, this is a major statement of new and potential new directions in philosophy. Apparently the volume of downloads slowed down the site dramatically, but it is working again now.

Interesting looking conference on time and revolution with Peter Gratton as keynote – call for papers here.

Some new books from Urbanomic, including Collapse VIIhere.

Urbanomic also have an interview with Quentin Meillassoux, by Robin Mackay and Florian Hecker, here

There is a video of a David Harvey interview here

Terry Eagleton in the death of British universities, in The Guardian here

And a very useful post of links here

Happy New Year

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