Environment and Planning – Five Volume set

Sage have a page for this project up here. As the price indicates, this is a collection intended for libraries, and especially research libraries that do not have access to the archive of the Environment and Planning journals.

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2 Responses to Environment and Planning – Five Volume set

  1. Neil Brenner says:

    This series looks great, Stuart. Not easy to figure out how to choose the right texts in such a vast array of journals. It’s also interesting to consider the interfaces between the four journals–as I’ve never viewed them as having that much to do with each other (perhaps A & D are closer to one another as are B & C?). I confess I would love to acquire a copy of this monster tome, but then again, I might have to mortgage one of my carbon fiber time trial bikes in order to afford it … or stop drinking coffee for 500 days straight? Or … what else can I sacrifice for the wisdom contained in these volumes. I must prioritize.

    • stuartelden says:

      We might be able to put together a ‘virtual’ volume that has the links to all the papers. That way anyone with library access can click links to reach the content. Only the introductions will be unique to the volume. Will see if this is possible.

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