Faith, Citizenship and Globalisation conference in Durham

“Faith, Citizenship and Globalisation:
Religion and the Citizen as Categories in a World of Becoming”
Durham University, 19-20 May 2011

This one-day conference will explore the relationship between religion and citizenship within our contemporary “world of becoming”, as our guest speaker William E. Connolly has termed it. Instead of assuming we know what religion and citizenship are, we will treat them as categories that have long been and still are becoming, through processes that are intertwined with a myriad of other processes, including those of empire past and present, nation-state formation and deformation, and mutating forms of capitalism, but which have become and are becoming in creative tension with each other. The conference is co-sponsored by the Faith and Globalisation Programme (Durham University), the Ideology and Discourse Analysis Programme (University of Essex) and the Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law (University of Aberdeen).

Keynote speaker: William E. Connolly (Johns Hopkins University), author of ‘Why I am Not a Secularist’ (1999), ‘Christianity and Capitalism, American Style’ (2005) and ‘A World of Becoming’ (2011).

Further details here.

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