Colin Gordon on Foucault’s 70-71 lectures

Colin Gordon, editor of Foucault’s Power/Knowledge and one of the editors of The Foucault Effect sent me these comments for posting:

Stuart, Thanks for mentioning the event and agreeing to take part, and I agree with your comments on the new Foucault volume. It’s become clear that every new Foucault publication – and there are a number still to come – will surprise us, have stuff in it we didn’t know about, and change our picture of his entire project. I think the 70-1 lectures are going to take a while to digest, for me at least. I have heard a couple of senior Oxford philosophers fulminating decades later about the terrible things they heard Foucault say at McGill – now we can find ou why. This was 70-71, the time of the GP and GIP – there is a political context present in these surprising discussions of class struggle and the origins of law in ancient Greece … I think we willl have a rich discussion at Birkbeck graced by the presence of major writers on the issues of penal justice today. We’ll have the editors of the newest lecture publications to explain what these, as well as the now well-known governmentality materials, say to the present of 2011… a few days after Jonathan Simon’s blog has reported what a US judge calls ‘perhaps the most radical injunction issued by a court in our Nation’s history’.

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