Bryan Magee’s TV interviews on philosophy are now available on You Tube here (via Leiter Reports). These interviews were collected as The Great Philosophers: An Introduction to Western Philosophy which was one of the first books on philosophy I read, but good to have the videos easily available – Nussbaum, Ayer, Dreyfus, Searle, Singer, et. al.

Speaking of Singer, and books of philosophy I read a long time ago… Singer describes Derek Parfit’s new book On What Matters as “the most significant work in ethics since Sidgwick’s masterpiece was published in 1873 … a work of epic proportions and ambitions”. Two volumes and 1,440 pages! I read Parfit’s On Reasons and Persons back in the 1990s but remember almost nothing. Thanks to Clive at Pop Theory for the alert.

Over at the Society and Space blog, Alex Jeffrey of Newcastle University writes about the recent arrest of Ratko Mladić in a piece on “Haematological Narratives of Violence”. Alex had a piece in Society and Space in 2009 entitled “Justice incomplete: Radovan Karađžic, the ICTY and the spaces of international law“, which we have made open access to link to this piece.

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