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Foucault, The Courage of Truth and the Cynics

Foucault’s lecture course The Courage of Truth from 1984 has now been published. I was incredibly flattered to be asked to write one of the blurbs for the back cover. Obviously my endorsement wasn’t to encourage people to read Foucault, so I took the … Continue reading

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Heidegger – The Concept of Time

From the Continuum blog:   Furthering still our long-standing series of Heidegger translations, we have recently published The Concept of Time, translated by Ingo Farin (University of Tasmania), which any Heideggerian will no doubt want to add to his or her … Continue reading

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Reader reports for Verso

Writing reader reports for Verso on books I’d like to see translated; and I get paid in Verso books… I’m like a kid in the sweet shop/candy store. Have asked for all the Althusser, Moretti, Jameson, Arrighi, Perry Anderson and Butler I didn’t … Continue reading

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Meaning of Maghreb? – Zizek, Habashi, Amin, Harvey, Bauman

Serious intellectual firepower on the stage together here. Slavoj Žižek, Samir Amin, David Harvey, Mamdouh Habashi, and Zygmunt Bauman discuss the Maghreb. Via Reading Capital with David Harvey

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New books

A whole big pile of books arrived over the last few months while I’ve been away. Some of them are ones I have chapters in; one I endorsed; most are ones I asked for in recompense for review work; some … Continue reading

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More on Aerographies

The current issue of Society and Space has a theme section on ‘Aerographies’, guest edited by Mark Jackson and Maria Fannin. Over at the Society and Space blog there is an open access companion piece by some of the authors … Continue reading

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Spatiality, Sovereignty and Carl Schmitt

The Spatiality, Sovereignty and Carl Schmitt: Geographies of the Nomos collection, edited by Stephen Legg, is now out. The writings of Carl Schmitt are now indissociable from both an historical period and a contemporary moment. He will forever be remembered … Continue reading

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Back home in York. Lots to catch up on. Graham Harman’s review of Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter is in the new issue of New Formations (via Graham’s blog). Doesn’t seem to be available online. Visual/Method/Culture is a new blog from … Continue reading

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Of: Becoming World – on William Connolly

‘Of: Becoming World’ is the title of the talk I’ll be giving at the workshop on William E. Connolly’s A World of Becoming. I begin by showing how the title’s ambiguity hinges on the word ‘of’: there is so much … Continue reading

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China, by mistake

This morning I thought I would go up to Lo Wu, which is the last stop on the Hong Kong metro, and right on the Chinese border. I thought it would be like the ‘border gate’ to the north of Macau, … Continue reading

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