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‎’Governments don’t rule the world; Goldman Sachs rules the world’

This is doing the rounds on facebook – well worth three and a half minutes of your time.

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Judith Butler on Palestine

Interesting piece by Judith Butler on the Palestine bid for statehood and the demise of the Oslo accords in the London Review of Books. One small excerpt: If nothing else, a new set of dynamics will be inaugurated through the … Continue reading

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Leibniz on the Death Penalty

Just come across this when looking for something else. While the justification of torture is jarring, the rest is unfortunately all-too-relevant. The question is whether there are grounds for capital punishment if two witnesses are brought forward against a defendant, … Continue reading

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Speculative Medievalisms book

Details here of the book following the two conferences – should be good.

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Harman on Meillassoux on Mallarmé

Graham Harman has written some thoughts on Meillassoux’s new book on Mallarmé here and here. Looking forward to getting a copy.

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Tim Morton, Realist Magic and writing books

Tim Morton is writing a couple of books, under the titles Realist Magic and Hyperobjects. And he’s writing them terrifyingly fast, blogging about it as he goes. His stuff is worth reading, so it clearly works for him. Graham Harman is similarly … Continue reading

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Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ethics and Objects

I mentioned the conference of this name before, and linked to audio recordings (here, here and here); now the book is coming out with Oliphaunt Books, an impress of Punctum Books. Jeffrey Jerome Cohen is the editor and posts more details here. … Continue reading

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Anti-Security – edited book

Mentioning Mark Neocleous (who supervised my PhD) reminded me that he has a new edited book just out, with George S. Rigakos, entitled Anti-Security.

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Nicholas Blomley on Sidewalks, Police and the City

An interesting piece freely available here. The piece looks at ‘police’ in a broader sense than just the police force, and discusses Mark Neocleous’s work on this topic, especially his The Fabrication of Social Order: A Critical Theory of Police Power. … Continue reading

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Camus, ‘Reflections on the Guillotine’ (more)

Thanks to the kindness of Nicholas Dahmann, I’ve been sent a copy of the Camus piece mentioned in the last post. (I already have the book it is in, Resistance, Rebellion, and Death, on order, so this merely sped up … Continue reading

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