Roundup – Occupy and protest

Here are a few things I found interesting, in among all the stuff being written. I’m sure I’ve missed some other important things, so feel free to use the comments.

Paul Rosenberg at Al Jazeera on the UC Davis events, within a broader context. A good guest post at New APPS on Chancellor Linda Katehi and HE reform in Greece. Mike  Davis on the lessons from the 1960s. Naomi Wolf on the coordinated crackdown [update 27 Nov: a strong response to some of the claims here]. A powerful piece on student debts incurred in graduate school, but the lessons are wider, by Justin E.H. Smith. An appeal for support for the Declaration of Occupy Wall Street. A piece at Space and Politics on the human chain as a non-violent weapon; and one on the ‘human mic’ and its effects. A couple of new pieces at the Society and Space forum.

Finally, on a somewhat lighter note, a satire on how the 1% might fight back in The New Yorker.

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