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If you have a spare $5000

A first edition of the Protogaea is for sale here.

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Jamie Peck at Queen Mary

After the day in the British Library I hurried over to Queen Mary to hear Jamie Peck gave the David M. Smith lecture on “Fast policy, at the limits of neoliberalism“. It was very good and interesting to hear the … Continue reading

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Leibniz, again

I’m back working on Leibniz, in the British Library rare books room. And once again he’s causing me – and the staff here – some problems. The piece I wanted to look at is something I know is in the 19th century … Continue reading

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Leibniz: Unicorn or Goat?

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More Occupy forum contributions

Some more contributions to the Society and Space ‘Occupy’ forum – including one by me on the Guy Fawkes mask.

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More on UC campus violence

A lot of important discussion – some I’ve found useful include: A Storify compilation on ‘Police Brutality at Occupy’. An interview with one of the sprayed students. Plastic Bodies takes apart the idea that that is was a legitimate response. … Continue reading

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‘Occupy’ – the word and its history

Tim Morton has posted the entry on ‘Occupy‘ from the Oxford English Dictionary – the full, multi-volume, historical one, not a concise version. It’s very interesting.

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UC campus violence

These videos have been widely circulated, but just in case people haven’t come across them before. First, the assault on protestors at UC Berkeley: And then on students at UC Davis protesting in their support: A less often linked version … Continue reading

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Ben Rosamond inaugural lecture audio

My friend and colleague from my Warwick days, Ben Rosamond, recently gave his inaugural lecture at the University of Copenhagen: “The Everyday Political Economy of European Integration”. The audio recording is available here.

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David Harvey – Deutscher Prize Lecture 2011

David Harvey, “History versus Theory: A Commentary on Marx’s Method in Capital”, 11 November 2011, The Isaac and Tamara Deutscher Memorial Lecture

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