Michel Foucher – A Battle of Maps

FoucherAn Ipad app on cartography and politics, by Michel Foucher.

Want to understand the modern world and its burning issues, the balance of powers between the major players, the role of the emerging economies and the risks to come? The ‘Battle of Maps’ app will provide the answers you’re looking for. You’re French, British, German, American, Turkish, Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, Russian, Japanese or Korean and you’d like to see where you stand on the current map of the world? Consult this app. Want to take stock of the situation in the Arctic, food security in Africa, the climate crisis, conflicts, border issues and other global questions? Consult this app.
World citizens must be able to read a map to know where they stand. Application available in French and English.

I haven’t downloaded this yet, but I’m curious – both in terms of the content and the form. It looks like an interesting experiment with forms of publishing. Anyone seen it and wish to comment? Thanks to Andrew Burridge for the link.

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