Derek Gregory links to videos of a talk by and discussion with Judith Butler.

geographical imaginations

Judith Butler‘s Wall Exchange‘Bodies on the street’, delivered at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver last year, has now been posted on YouTube:

And a Q&A the following day with UBC faculty at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies is here:

You can access the text of an early version of the lecture here and here.

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  2. The Global Perambulator says:

    Brilliant talk. It made me lose a little bit of respect for Zizek because in recent interview he denigrated Butler by saying that he didn’t have a lot of respect for her but because she ‘talked about Hegel, she must not be a complete idiot’. He should be more considered when speaking about others and keep his ‘shock-jock’ tendencies in check. This talk reveals the depth and vital importance of Butler’s work and why she is one of the most important academics in the world today.

  3. Nicholas Dahmann says:

    It is perhaps worth noting that an extended and further development is printed as the chapter “Bodily Vunerability, Coalitions and Street Politics” in the edited volume “The State of Things” Published by the Office for Contemporary Art Norway and Koenig Books (London), The State of Things contains printed versions of lectures by Weizman, Berardi, Sassen, (TJ) Clark, Rancière, Bersani, (V) Shiva, (J) Egeland, and (F) Gerges initially delivered as part of Norway’s representation at the 54th Vence Biennale.
    A paper-copy was purchased through The Book Depository.

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