US drone war in Pakistan infographic


At his ever interesting Informed Comment, Juan Cole discusses the new project Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

The project, Out of Sight, Out of Mind, aims to capture the scale and human cost of the drone war in Pakistan through its visual representation of the CIA’s covert Pakistan drone war from the first event in 2004 to the latest strike.

Wesley Grubbs, who leads the team at Pitch Interactive, told the Bureau that the team set out ‘to cause people to pause for a moment and say “Wow I’ve never seen this in that light before”.’

The visualisation uses an average of the casualty data collected by the Bureau’s Covert Drone War project, combined with data collected by New America Foundation which tallies the number of high value targets reported killed in the strikes.

Do go to the project site – it plays as a short animation of the results and then becomes interactive for details and sources.

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  1. Hi Stuart: There is something interesting about the political-aesthetic effect of this animation, which seems to be bound up with the arcs of light descending to the ground line: it’s a much more sobering (and I dare say thrilling) effect than a lifeless (sic) table. I’ve discussed the raw figures, and another (brilliant) cartographic animation, at


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