Abu Jihad Museum for the Prisoners Movement Affairs

Abu Jihad MuseumOn the Al Quds University campus in Abu Dis is a small museum about Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. I had an all-too-brief tour of it in between meetings.

Two WallsMany of the exhibits are powerful enough without explanation, but much of the text is only in Arabic, so the guide was very helpful. The design of the building and in particular the route you take to enter it is interesting as it replicates the West Bank wall and checkpoints – made all the more striking by the real wall being only metres away from the campus and clearly visible from many points. On the top floor of the museum is an archive of material – letters, photographs, etc. – and there are researchers working on this, though as yet there is no catalogue or digital record.

There is a website for the museum here which has some more information.

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