New reviews – Spatial Politics, Red Tape, Spaces of Contention, and Raum

Some new open access reviews from Antipode.

As September draws to a close we have four new book reviews (one of which considers a non-English-language title – please do get in touch if you’d like to review a book from beyond the Anglophone world):

Nuria Benach (Universitat de Barcelona) on David Featherstone and Joe Painter’s Spatial Politics: Essays For Doreen Massey;

Glyn Williams (University of Sheffield) on Akhil Gupta’s Red Tape: Bureaucracy, Structural Violence, and Poverty in India;

Sam Halvorsen (University College London) on Walter Nicholls, Byron Miller and Justin Beaumont’s Spaces of Contention: Spatialities and Social Movements; and

Heide Gerstenberger (Universität Bremen) on Bernd Belina’s Raum.

*         *         *

Spatial PoliticsNuria works in the Departament de Geografia Humana at the Universitat de Barcelona and is the co-editor, with Abel Albet, of Doreen Massey: Un sentido global del lugar (Icaria, 2012).

Red TapeGlyn is a senior lecturer in Sheffield’s Department of Town and Regional Planning…

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