Society and Space – from editor to one of the editors

Society and Space Vol 31 No 5 marks the formal end of my role as the editor of the journal, though I continue as one of the editors. Previously the journal has had an editor – initially Michael Dear, then Gerry Pratt, and I took over from Gerry in late 2006 – and a team of co-editors. In practice, the journal has always worked as something as a collective, and since I took over the co-editors and I have always discussed key strategic issues, and collectively looked at each paper, even if a single person was designated as the coordinating editor. But now we are much more formally working as cooperative team, with all duties shared between a team of five – Deborah Cowen, Peter Gratton, Natalie Oswin, Mary Thomas and me. You can read more about the changes in the editorial.

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