Latour’s Gifford lectures – text now available as pdf

Update 2019: These links seem to be dead, but the pdf of the lectures can be found here; and the videos here. The lectures are now available as a book – details here.

Bruno Latour has made the text of his Gifford lectures available as a pdf on his site –Facing Gaia: Six lectures on the political theology of nature. Thanks to Owain Jones for the link (it seems this may have been available for a while; but news to me). The lectures were all video-recorded and I linked to them a while back – the links are all at the Edinburgh site.

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  1. dmfant says:

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  2. Nicholas says:

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    Latour, pinned down.

  3. troyrhoades says:

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    Bruno Latour’s Gifford lectures are now available as a pdf. Look at this reblogged post from Progressive Geographies for the link.


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    Text version of Bruno Latour’s Gifford Lectures – Facing Gaia.

    You can watch them here:

  5. Luis Guilherme says:

    Link for pdf files for the Lectures do not work

  6. rsporer says:

    Saw it for sale in Polity Catalog, $64 hard cover, $22.95 paperback.
    “Facing Gaia: A New Enquiry into Natural Religion” Due out in Dec 2015, says ebook available, but can’t find it on Polity website.

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