Agamben and Indifference – new book by William Watkin coming soon

AgambenAgamben and Indifference, by William Watkin, coming soon with Rowman & Littlefield International:

Since the publication of Homo Sacer in 1995, Giorgio Agamben has become one of the world’s most revered and controversial thinkers. His ideas on our current political situation have found supporters and enemies in almost equal measure. His wider thoughts on topics such as language, potentiality, life, law, messianism and aesthetics have had significant impact on such diverse fields as philosophy, law, theology, history, sociology, cultural studies and literary studies. Yet although Agamben is much read, his work has also often been misunderstood. This book is the first to fully take into account Agamben’s important recent publications, which clarify his method, complete his ideas on power, and finally reveal the role of language in his overall system. William Watkin presents a critical overview of Agamben’s work that, through the lens of indifference, aims to give a portrait of exactly why this thinker of indifferent and suspensive legal, political, ontological and living states can rightfully be considered one of the most important philosophers in the world today.

[Update – the original post said this was an edited collection, not an authored book. This has now been corrected.]

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  1. dmfant says:
    “Fighting to reclaim the city in the Middle East: emerging publics and theatres of violence”
    Charles Tripp

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