John Protevi’s Notes on conference and essay volume organizing

At New APPS, John Protevi has some interesting “Notes on conference and essay volume organising“. These are very good and while some points are specific to Philosophy much isn’t.

Two things I would add though. First, is that it is important to be clear to people about what you can, and can’t, pay for, in advance. I’ve experienced a few conferences where I was told things were covered that later turned out not to be. I may well have gone anyway, but it’s nice to be warned. Second, if there is an expectation that presenters will turn their paper into a written contribution for a volume, be explicit about this up front. It may be that someone will have to decline the invitation, as the only paper they can produce in time for the event is promised elsewhere. The key to both these things is being clear about expectations and conditions in advance: the other side is that then the speaker should only agree to speak if they can accept these.

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