The remaining Foucault lecture courses – French and English publishing details

9782020862592Update 8 July 2014: Subjectivité et vérité and Wrong-Doing, Truth-Telling have now been published; Théories et institutions pénales is forthcoming in 2015.


Only two of Foucault’s Collège de France lecture courses remain unpublished in French – Théories et institutions pénales (1971-72) and Subjectivité et vérité (1980-81).

As I’ve mentioned before, Subjectivité et véritéedited by Frédéric Gros will be published in May 2014. There is nothing on the Seuil page for Théories et institutions pénales as yet.

The English translations are coming too – On the Government of the Living will be out in September 2014; The Punitive Society is being translated at present, and will likely be out in 2015. The two courses mentioned above will presumably follow in order. These are all being done by Graham Burchell. Also forthcoming in English is Wrong-Doing, Truth-Telling (May 2014), translated by Stephen W. Sawyer, which comprises Foucault’s 1981 lectures from Louvain and some related material – originally published as Mal faire, dire vrai.

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3 Responses to The remaining Foucault lecture courses – French and English publishing details

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  2. Jeremy says:

    According to the Palgrave website, which I was just perusing, On the Punitive Society will be out in August 2015. Mind you, Amazon lists it for June, so take your pick!

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