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Outside Territory – video recording of my 2012 Paris lecture

This is the video recording of my talk at the Extraterritoriality conference of the Exterritory project in Paris in May 2012. Watching the video recording now, almost two years on, is a strange experience. I said a bit at the time about … Continue reading

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Boko Haram Annotated Bibliography updated

Apologies for those of you that saw a post, tweet or email earlier today about my updating of the Boko Haram annotated bibliography. I uploaded the extensively revised bibliography, but posted the announcement in error. A fuller announcement will appear on Monday … Continue reading

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Phil Steinberg comments on Scotland’s Territorial Waters

Phil Steinberg provides some analysis of the map on the cover of the report The Land of Scotland and the Common Good. You can read my initial comments – and see the full map and key – here. Phil is especially … Continue reading

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Kostas Axelos in English – a bibliography with links

I’ve made a page with a list of pieces by Kostas Axelos in English with links, along with a few suggestions of secondary reading. It includes all the pieces of which I am aware. Additions or corrections welcome. The picture in this post comes from his … Continue reading

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Scotland’s Maritime Boundaries? – the cover of the Land Reform Review report

  There is a interesting image on the front cover of the newly released report of The Land Reform Review Group – The Land of Scotland and the Common Good. The report is a 263 page document, but the image is striking for … Continue reading

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Gastón Gordillo, The Politics of Ruins – interview with Léopold Lambert of The Funambulist

A recording of a fascinating discussion between Léopold Lambert and Gastón Gordillo, “The Politics of Ruins: What’s Hidden Under Rubble” at The Archipelago – the podcast platform of The Funambulist. Here’s Léopold’s description of the discussion: In early May, Gastón Gordillo received me at … Continue reading

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Barry Stocker on Foucault’s The Punitive Society VII 1 and 2

Barry Stocker continues his reading of Foucault’s La société punitive, lecture seven, parts one and two.

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Bradley Garrett receives conditional discharge – ‘a qualified victory for academic freedom’

Bradley Garrett, whose work I’ve praised on this site before, was yesterday given a ‘conditional discharge’ in relation to charges of ‘conspiring to commit criminal damage’. I exchanged some emails with Brad yesterday so knew about it, but there were … Continue reading

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Sensing War: war, violence, militarism, bodies, sensation – 12-13 June 2014, London

Sensing War: war, violence, militarism, bodies, sensation International Interdisciplinary Conference. 12 – 13th June 2014. London, UK War is a crucible of sensory experience and its lived affects radically transform ways of being in the world.  It is prosecuted, lived and reproduced through a … Continue reading

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An interview with Elizabeth Grosz “Ontogenesis and the Ethics of Becoming” by Kathryn Yusoff

Kathryn Yusoff interviews Elizabeth Grosz on the Society and Space open site.

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