Top ten posts this week on Progressive Geographies

  1. How powerful is your passport? – infographic – the most popular post in a long time
  2. The theft of Native Americans’ land, in one animated map
  3. Five apps I find really useful for my writing and blogging
  4. The Clubs that Connect the World Cup – New York Times visualisations
  5. Kostas Axelos, On Marx and Heidegger – forthcoming with Meson Press, translated by Kenneth Mills and edited by Stuart Elden
  6. One million views of Progressive Geographies
  7. Graham Burchell – Michel Foucault, La société punitive: an editorial curiosity
  8. Boko Haram – An Annotated Bibliography
  9. The Past, Present and Future of Drones in the U.S. – the al-Awlaki memo and an infographic
  10. A Conversation between Stuart Elden and Babette Babich – Fordham University video
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