The legal, the material, and the geophysical: a few reflections on the Warwick postgraduate political geography conference

Rachael Squire discusses the Warwick workshop held last week. We’re hoping to post the audio recording of Alex Jeffrey’s talk and the closing roundtable on the department blog later this week.

Last week I spent two days at Warwick University for their annual postgraduate political geography conference. It was a brilliant experience which showcased the depth and breadth of research being undertaken in political geography at postgraduate level and beyond. The theme of the conference was ‘contested spaces’ and this was explored through five panel discussions, an excellent keynote from Alex Jeffrey, and a roundtable discussion addressing the overarching theme. Many thanks to Mara Duer and Antonio Ferraz de Oliveira for hosting and organising the event.

The panels, which included ‘contesting mobilities,’ ‘contested productions of territory’ (featuring Elizabeth Alexander and myself from Royal Holloway), and ‘contested cities’, saw postgraduates from all over the world present on a wide range of subjects. Cordelia Freeman, for example, gave a particularly engaging paper on issues at the Chile-Peru border. Coredlia explored how the Chilean Government had used deception and fakery to…

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